Coco ❤

Puppy in house !
Our first puppy

Y.E.S Pilgrimage

It's Year End Sales again !!
We went to KL last week
to shop shoP shOP sHOP SHOP ! =)

The Bus
a Malay style bus

Camwhore a little bit before we take a nap 

Finally reached KL after 5 hours traveling
After we checked in to our hotel
we rushed to KLCC to meet up with Junren
He left after we passed him the bus ticket that he asked me to buy for him
As he was going to penang on the next day
He even taught us how to take LRT 
Lols thanks bro but we prefer taxi =D

L & R
Had a break after 3 hours shopping =)

Rainie with her greentea

The crowd outside the mall 

 Mat Saleh's family 


The blogger =D

Some random shots

Went to DOME for dinner after a whole day shopping 


and his Miss R 

Back to our hotel after that 
Had our shower and took a short break
The night was still young
so we decided to go out to explore the nearby area
Nothing special was found
except an 24 hours Pappa Rich =D
Went back to our hotel
and had our supper at the mamak stall nearby our hotel

The street

We walked around for approximately 5km
See how exhausted she was 

The Next Day

Our room 
What a mess.. lols

Oh yeah 
We stayed in Tune Hotel this time
Very satisfying
Perfect for 2 person 
Plus there are Subway.Uncle John and 7-eleven downstairs
which make it very convenient

Miss R
Dressing up before departing

The painting of the wall

Us . =)

She was checking out the surrounding of our hotel

Sweet =)

Our destination - Pavillion
Woohoo !
My favourite mall of all time ! 
We reached there around 10am
lols a lil bit too early

Rainie and Prada 

Christmas decoration in the mall 


Went to Nandos for lunch 

Apa lu mau makan ? 

Texting with Junren 

p/s: we two ordered a full chicken and finished it ! OMG !

After lunch
We went to check out the new mall which is located nearby Pavillion
'Fahrenheit 88'

The surrounding 

busy talking with her friend

Nothing special inside Fahrenheit 88 except UNIQLO
Most of the shop inside are accessories shop and lala shop lols
Went back to Pavillion again to continue shopping

The street in front of Pavillion
Fully packed with people

My lovely girlfriend 
Things always seem so good when you are with me =)

My new profile picture 
love this so much 

Many people was taking photos in front of the entrance
We had to queue to take photos 
imba ..

Finally our turn to take photo 

Rainie the shopaholic
See all those bags that she was carrying 
None of them was mine
It's all hers 
imba ..
I was like her assistant 
help her to carry all the stuff she bought 

Bye bye Fahrenheit

The Christmas tree at the entrance 

Went to STARBUCKS to chill before continue shopping

Rainie with her favourite Green Tea Latte 

Artificial Snow 
wow totally impressed by that 
Superb Christmas feel
Gurney should do that too 

Tons of people was there and keep shooting the scene

Went to Carl's Jr for dinner
Totally in love with their fries

Starting to miss Carl's Jr fries while blogging 

Went back to hotel after that
totally exhausted
as we were shopping for more than 14 hours that day

The Harvest 

We got ourselves a couple tee
TaDaa !!

Big crocodile and lil crocodile

The next day
Had our breakfast at Uncle John before going back to penang

The bus station

The people 
waiting for their bus

The blogger 
Very enjoy the entire trip

The bus 
On our way back to penang 

Miss R 
Hope that you enjoy the trip
Wish that we can always go for vacation
to many other places 
Promise! =)