Last night *


After celebrated my sister's birthday
It's already 9pm ~
As usual ~
gaming and online-ing ~
suddenly saw weng kit plurk-ed that he is going to club ~
and kee wah's plurk bout asking ppl to supper ~
I called euhan and kee wah
and we were going out for supper ~
But in the end
We ended up supper in
Weng kit . Euhan . KeeWah
Weng kit . Kee wah . Luyi

I didn't really enjoy the night due to :

1 . alot of BLOODY AH GUAs were hunting at the DANCEFLOOR
2. I just drank a bottle of beer !
3 . Saw somebody was trying to show off his PET
4. Saw a big biG bIG BIG " ANGPAU" outside the club !!! GAWT ! !

Saw lots of KID ( they looked like primary school students ) in the club ~
Haiz ~


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