Friday ~

I drove to college as usual ~
When I was going to reach TARC
The sky start crying
At first I don't feel like getting out from my car
But suddenly I saw junren came to me with an umbrella

Met Ah Beh and Aik Tatt
So I decided to skip class and join them x)

Ah Beh.Soo Yeang.Kee Wah.Aik Tatt

After lunch ~
We went to Study Room ~
not for studying
but poker xDD

*Serious face*

Player no.1 --- Shinchan ~

Player no.2 ---- Wah Gor

Player no.3 ---- Ah Beh

After Taxation lecture ~ We took off to eat again xDD
Destination : Air Itam Laksa

Kok Chung? . XueHui.Cuddlespooh

Ah Beh.Aik Tatt.Kok Chung

The laksa there is really nice
so I ate two bowl of them xDD

Before I left there
I ' da bao ' laksa for my mum as she really loves laksa
I'm such a HAO SHUN ZAI x)

end of the day ~

What am I going to do this weekend ?

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