Winter Warmers *

At first , we were going to celebrate Junren's birthday
but everyone seems like got no idea
ended up we lepak in gurney
while waiting for a better idea to appear
I don't know why we were there

In the Winter Warmers . Xiyen and Camera-shy Jophy ??
Thirteenth ~

Weng Chun and KhaiShien~

Trust me ~ she wasn't paying attention to what xiyen's talking
She was posing
According to her ~ this is for the sake of her IMAGE ~

met Phoebe and a guy who was working with me last time(dunno his name) xDD

after that ~ we go lepak again

Movie ? No ~ Redbox ? No ~ Seoul Garden ? No ~
ended up we celebrated junren's birthday in CONWAY
by playing snooker ......

anyway Happy Birthday Junren ~

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