November 08

I thought that we were meant to be
with the birthday
with the fucking attitude
with all the intersection
and how fate put us together
Thanks to you
I lost all my pride
I gave away everything I had
I allowed your legal partner screwed you
I let that bastard hit me and walked away
I withness how that coward took you away
and then
All I can do is
Act numb
Keep boozing til I drop off
til I can't remember any single shit you did to me
You told me
I'm the one in your mind even when you were with him
Hold me when I was terrified
Cried so hard when I fall

fuck it
I dunno
maybe after all
those were just your plot
you wrote this shit to my life
I lost faith in everything
I doubt everyone
hate as hard as I can
just to cover the annihilation of my game
The only right thing that I did
is that I left you
on the fucking meaningful Christmas Eve
You ruined it
the love
the dedication
and the effort to save you from drowing
You are no longer anything for me
merely the scar on my head
Im gonna make this year christmas a memorable one
not frowning of the nightmare anymore
Phew ... feeling better=)
' Merry Christmas '

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