Sid and Nancy

It's about a sad story happened in Chelsea Hotel
On the morning of 12 October 1978
They said
Nancy Spungen was allegedly killed by Sid Vicious
But then..
A few days after Vicious' cremation, his mother found a suicide note in the pocket of his jacket

We made a death pact,
and I have to accomplish my part of the deal.
Please bury me next to my baby.
Please bury me with my leather jacket, my jeans and my biker boots.
With love, Sid.

and this
the last poem Sid wrote to Nancy
You were my little baby girl,
And I shared all your fears.
Such joy to hold you in my arms
and kiss away your tears.
But now you're gone, there's only pain
and nothing I can do.
And I don't want to live this life,
If I can't live for you.
To my beautiful baby girl.
Our love will never die...

The saddest couple

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