Sisy Day

Went to McD to study
was with my sis
Kee wah came and join us later

This thing cost Sepuluh Ringgit Malaysia

there is a mat saleh came around and put this thingy on everyone's table
without saying anything
at first we thought that was a early christmas present
but then there was a card too
" I'm deaf and bla bla bla ........ DONATION "
my sis bought it because of symphaty towards that guy
( or maybe because he is a guai lou ) LOL
and she is the only one who bought it
I got a really kind-hearted sis huh x)

Left mcD around 10
went to Queens to fetch my lil sis
She is currently working at Queens
selling " SUPER HEROES " T shirt
pls 'bong chan' her if you are interested =)

after that
went to 'jambaten cuci baju' for supper

Molly Loh Siu Bing aka the kind sis
*highlight* she is the elder sis
( ppl always think that she is the younger one )

Erien Loh Siu Nee aka the SUPER HEROES sis

end of the day =)

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