The Days Without E

 Exam is finally OVER  !    *hiak hiak*
no more MCD
no more COKE
no more BOOKS
no more COFFEE
no more INSOMNIA

Now I can do whatever I LIKE =)

Eg:   Play more with my Lil Connie   (-3-)

She is cute right ?   x)
Starting to make all the noise
I think she is starting to learn how to talk
You make a sound
Then she will try her best to copy
Life is so AMAZING =)
When can I have my own baby ? =(

and now she is BACK !

My personal CHEF ~ x)

*stupid look* lmao    x)

haven't spend some quality time with her for a long time
She always accompany me study in mcD
and then wait for me during exam
and watch her fall asleep in my car
thanks for everything =]

Rock your life everyone !
Make full use of your holidays !
CNY is coming
it's GAMBLING Season again
can't wait for it already
who's ready for a game ?  *hoho*  x)

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