Old Dogs

Went to Sunrise McD last night
and had some chit chat with

   pat the great     x     thirteen  

Saw polices at several places
with big police truck  ( hmm... )
heard from my mum that they were on mission to SAPU all the missy china 
Bad news for the uncles x)

Twister Fries   x    Sundae 
weird combination by pat

wi-kee-pedia      =D

patrick tang

crap alot for the whole night
feeling like an ah pek
dunno where to go
no more places and events
lost interest to everything
too lazy to step out of my room
stimulant is needed

and end the endless dilemma
too lazy to mend it

Celeb's High School Pics

here to share some pics .. enjoy ~


Lady Gaga
Avril Lavigne

Snoop Dogg

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