' Oversea '

Today went to butterworth with her
because she heard from her friends that
The teppanyaki is having promotion
only cost us rm2 for a set meal
then off we go to kai kai around butterworth
*the teppanyaki is just merely excuse*
she always want to go butterworth kai kai de

Off we go ~
this is the first time Quak Quak travels ' oversea '
see how happy he was ?   lmao
Then we saw this BEAST on the bridge


7777 !!!
favourite number of mine !
* 7 means NANA in japanese *   


Then we pi shopping at SUNWAY CARNIVAL
acutally I been there before
with xiyen them for a movie 
now I realise that was sunway carnival .. lols..
After a few hours shopping
bat tor iao dee
Went to autocity mum mum
when we saw the promotion banner of the teppanyaki
yucks   not nice at all
gave up
went for some Really really good chicken  =D




Bought this at sunway carnival
    Pirate piggy couple  
Named them
阿十   小八  


hachi   x   Rainie   x   Arshi

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