Always the smarter choice

Worked for DIGI a few weeks ago
The roadshow was to promote DIGI iPhone
what's the point of promoting when it's out of stock 
stupid   isn't it ? zzz

There were several performance during the roadshow
Here's the pics =)


The CLHS choir group
surprise to see them there

They are quite good though
Especially the chubby boy with specs x)

The next one was the dancing performance
from the so-called "BMW "
lousy performance lols

The next performance was from the girl at the left 
She is the contestant of  "The Biggest Loser"

I forgot what her name is x)

The uncle in pink tee was so funny
He was shaking around like nobody business lol

The crowd 

Here comes another performance
Nothing much to say  hehe

all these uncle auntie was competing for the DIGI umbrellas
I realized that uncle and auntie really loves umbrella
and would do anything for it 
They were asked to pose like a model
and the winner will get the PAYUNG 

The first contestant 
what's he trying to do ?!

Wow not bad huh auntie 

The "BMW" performance
still lame

Ben the emcee and the crowd

In the end
I was kinda disappointed with this job
Moderate pay but long working hours
Not going to work for Digi recently 
Looking for a better job
Any recommendation ? =)

the Digi couple  


9 months and still growing  


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