Her Birthday ♥ KL Trip

The Room 

Just got back from KL
Here is some photos from the trip 

On our way to KL =)

The bus reached there early than we expected
After checked in to our hotel
then off to have our lunch ~

my long lost brother =)


Rainie =)

Went to Pavillion
Spent our whole day there

 love it so much =)

Saw this accidentally at Lot 10
The National Geographic Store was opening on 21st June
It's on the same day of their birthday
so they were like

" Wa wa Wa so ngam geh must take the photo "


Her stupid look x)

Then we had our celebration at Häagen-Dazs

Choosing the birthday cake

A friendly worker who served us well

After spending half hour choosing the cake
The girl picked this one

The Double Chocolate Royale

The flavor is macadamia nuts
OMG this cake tastes so nice !
Even a cake hater like me fall in love with it 

The photos =)

The birthday girls 

My stupid face zzz


Another pair of couple 

A passionate one 

The Group Photo =)

Here is some photos of the outlet

Our acquisition during the trip =)


p/s:  I am so damn BROKE now lmao

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