Digi Live Tour

Digi was having a big event last saturday
I was working there
The weather was totally unbearable
nearly dehydrated 
even with sunblock  i got sunburnt
now I look like a NENE lols

Saw Super B there
Beh was participating the 3 vs 3 battle competition
He complaint about the roasting temperature too

Sorry not picture for the concert
I must admit that Malay band is quite good after I saw their live performance
awesome actually
too bad not many ppl here likes them 

then the next day work in queens as usual
met Ms. Siewjuen there
She is taller than me now ...
i mean when she is with her heels 

The dealers from Midpoint
that guy Kimmy was the top sales of north region
without him 
Digi sales will drop DRAMATICALLY
and the one at the right hand side is 
Mimi aka 老佛爷
They can be really terrifying when they are mad
But sometimes they two will act like high school teen 
extreme characters lol

The dealers from Threezone
Ah boy . Jincent ( what a keh leh name ) . and Joan

Lastly  the EO
Me and my sister
see the similarities ? xD 

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