Twentieth ❤


9th November 
the big day of mine
the second anniversary of my sexy scar =D
This year's celebration was split into three sessions
with HER
with my FAMILY 
and with my BUDDY


See how excited Quak Quak was ? 

The VIP of the night

dressing up before going out

Cam-whore session

Trying out my new camera 
Canon Powershot G-12 =)

My lovely lady =)


On the way to Queens =)
*silly face*

Tada !
We picked TGI Friday to celebrate my birthday eve !

Elvis Presley
The King of Meow =D

Our table =)

Miss R with her drink

Here comes our dishes

Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Quesadillas


Now we are both Canon users hehe 

My Jack Daniel's® Burger

Her Jack Daniel's® Chicken


Some random shots of the surrounding 

birthday boy =)

Our dessert 
not that nice =D

Suddenly she said she need to go to toilet 
At first I thought it was the problem of Friday's fodd
But she suddenly came back with this lil stuff ...

Then I only realised that she sneaked out  to get me this
my birthday cake 
lols surprise !?
hehe thanks alot
I love it ❤

Hehe such a cute cake 
perfect for me
as I am not a huge fans of cakes hehe

Happy birthday !! =)

Wishing that
 I can always have her by my side to celebrate my birthday together
I can buy my dream house ASAP
Earn a lot of  $$$$$

Enjoying our cake 

After that went back to my house to pick up Junren
FYI : he was back from KL and living at my place last week
and then headed to our next destination

an old place of ours
used to visit there frequently when we were in college

Player no.1

Player no.2

Player no.3 

The conclusion of my birthday eve =)

The next day
We went to 大树下 to have our family dinner =)

Miss Erien

Miss Molly

Our dishes 



On the third day
We were going to Mansion Sixty Nine to celebrate with my friends
Haven't met them for quite a while
as I always skipped class and working working working =D

She was dressing up before heading there

my room .. what a mess ..

Hamster face =)


Cam-whore session hehe


Imitating Connie =D

My lil sis with her signature pose =D

My 2nd birthday cake
this time it is bigger lols


After finished the cake
Family photo !
This year we do have a new member =)


Reached there around 10pm
They weren't there yet so we went to walk around the market while waiting for them

The trishaw guy

HE SHIP !!?? lmao!

Street artist 

The street 

LOLS she always like to do these stupid stuff =D

We went in to lepak as we saw lots of tourist inside

lols is this edible ?

wow ~

Weird creature ..

The worker 

The decoration

What is this !?
I totally can't imagine that this creature is fit to be eaten
gerli lah wei

The market

Some random shots

They finally arrived around 11pm lols..

Here comes the Mansion Sixty Nine
This is my first time here
After heard so much people talking about it
Nice ambience there
But I was expecting it to be bigger tho hehe

Miss R



Pat the great


Rainie and me 
lols my face look weird with my spec on

the boys 
p/s: wengkit why you get so excited huh ? lols

Me and patrick 


our group photos

Had an enjoyable night there
thanks everyone =)
p/s : too bad we didn't get to jump into the pool xD

Received two presents this year

Black label
from Junren !
thanks a lot dude
told you not to buy this leh
By the way I haven't finish it yet
waiting for you to come back again
then we shall finish it together =)

and this !

Canon Powershot G12 

Thanks to Rainie and my family 
love it so much !
The output quality is very satisfying !
The best present that I ever had !
Thanks you guys for giving me such a great birthday this year
Seriously I can hardly remember where the hell is my scar now
Now I am proud to say 


No more misery and sadness
I shall live better from now on !
Huge credit to Miss R
for always staying by my side no matter what



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