Kok Oon's Birthday

I was gone for too long
It's time to update my dead blog
Revival =)
Celebrated kok oon birthday a few months ago
Here is the pics

Man of the day
My cute bak oon =)

幸灾乐祸-er - Noi

Criminal No.1 - Saw Khai Hern

Lee Ghee Siong the bananagod
who just came back from Singapore on that day

The war is still going on ..

Adrian & Shiting

Look at the way he laughs xDD

Victor the 袖手旁观-er
He keeps perli-ing Kok Oon
and in the end ..

He ended up with that

Revenge *hiak*
Working on the birthday cake

aftermath .. cleaning up kok oon's house

The No.1 entertainer

Lee Ghee Siong who was trying to be poetic =)

He ate the birthday cake before kok oon did =_=


kok oon's shining ass x)
when it was still round and covered ..


they just can't keep their hands off his ass
and eyes too .. x)

He was still holding the bloody knife
" alright .. back to the business "

Kok Oon's momma was clearing all the spray on kok oon shirt
What a scene . ROFL

the hardcore couple

Weng Liang

Wei Chyuan

BBB & Bananagod

Zhi Yi

All the butt photos of kok oon was taken by Noi
He loves his ass =)


the Poser =)

Gan Lay Cheng v Tan Kok Oon

Sweet ? =)
Kemeriahan =)

I love that night's atmosphere
The gathering of long lost friends =)

- the end -

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