The wolf and the lamb *

Once upon a time
A wolf was on a vacation
He was starving for a long time
and then
He came to a farm
He met a lamb there
The lamb look innocent and sweet
He disguised
and slowly approach to the lamb
The lamb was so kind to him
Always share everything with him
and yet
The wolf felt something strange bout the lamb
He doubt that the lamb is really that innocent and kind
He was covered by his dark thought
He didn't believe anything can be good in this world
Until the day
The lamb saw the wolf was so sick
and the lamb told the wolf

" If you are really that hungry "
" You can bite me and have a piece of me "

The wolf was really touched
He never felt the warmth before
He decided to leave the farm
to leave the lamb
The lamb was so sad and beg him not to
He saw the lamb's tears
but The wolf insisted to do so
He was crying too while leaving
Knowing that he is going to lose something precious
He didn't mean to hurt the lamb
and now he decided to continue his miserable journey
and continue to suffer from the starvation..

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