19th Shao Yao

Birthday boy - Shaoyao

Reached his house around 8.30
All of the participants are there already
I am the latecomer ..

The Girls
Mikael.Xiyen.Unknown x)

We were having BBQ party =)

and the Boys

The ' Kemeriahan '

The Sweet Couple
Keewah ♥ Rachel

The Scandalous Couple
Candy v Beh

The Irrelevant Pair
Patrick & the new face

The Wrong Pair
Candy v Cheng Yih
Look at cheng yih's expression . lmao

Pat . Beh . Luyi

They keep commenting at the way I eat T_T


We were chit-chating while eating
The atmosphere was so so good =)

" 姐妹花" "豆腐花"

Beh & Wengkit

Shaoyao and Wen Qing

Shaoyao and Junhoong ( my childhood's playmate ) =)

The Gayish Scene
Pat was feeding Beh his favourite prawn
They ate the prawn with its shell

The Cake-Cutting Ceremony
Happy birthday to you ~ shaoyao
p/s : Patrick broke the plastic knife when he was helping shaoyao to cut the cake

Help Shaoyao to take his family photo

Cleaning up after the feast and gossip .. LOL
See ~ we are not helping shaoyao

小杰子 serving 董太后
He is really dedicated to pat

最佳服务奖 & The Best Servant Award - Mr. Chuah Weng Kit
The party dismissed around 3am
We had a whole night gossip party
Gathered alot of precious information
I was abit disconnected from the server recently
Did my best to catch up x)
That's it
Sweet dreams

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