Alright f*ck it
after 2 months
you still don't get me
you are so high school
I live with a fool
who don't see how I love
and keep picking those f*cking particular things
to say I dont care bout you
keep showing me that muthaf*cker face
what do you expect
you think I'm going to say sorry baby forgive me
kneel down to you and lick your so-called wound
f*ck it
I'm not high school luyi
I'm no longer bound to anything
I'm no saint
my mind is twisted
my tank is narrow
my throat is just the size of a straw
I spit the sh*t that I don't like
if you can't take my way then just detach from me
I dont owe you a muthaf*cking love
dont plot with me
dont tell me plan
dont block me
always stand next to me
Or else it's over bitch

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