I may be still walking around
But the real me had gone for long time
Take a look at the life I own now
Working for the fishy but effective cash
Study for the god-damn diploma
Play for no reason
Just to kick the boredom out of my shelf
Dull dull down
The only thing left to cheer me up
Is my going concern relationship
She may not be outstanding
But manage to make me feel warm all the time
An old friend of me still calling me
‘ the talented one ‘
I felt depressed when I heard that
I got nothing left to impress anyone
My used-to-be model had found a better photographer
I stop writing because the all I can think of is some f*cking commercial sh*t
Draw no more thanks to me shaking hand
I hate the way I am now
No spark no edge no life

I mean
Where's your D40
Where's your pen
fuck it
you aint luyi

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