Frustrated And Pissed off

It's about my least favourite or weakest subject for this sem
Financial Accounting Practice
Panic for few days till can't eat can't slp I'm sick x)
Did the last minutes study with junren at mcD last night
Look at the mess

One of the victims =)

We went there since 10pm till 5am
then we switch to KS's hostel

We were eating cup mee for our breakfast
Ran out of time to time
Don't even have time to eat properly

The stress keep torturing me until I get into the exam hall
when I saw the exam paper
I was like
SHIT !!!
Hope that won't fail this subject x(
*pray hard*

Finally get rid of you FAP !!!

Free from any accounting subject for few months
Maybe I just shouldn't study accounting anymore
I don't even know where to debit and credit

Hais ..
Quak Quak 

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