You need cash for evything
to get marry    you need it to complete all the formal procedures
to date chicks     you need it to buy them gift to keep them happy
to eat     you need it to pay the bill                     
to fuck      you need it for safety precaution and the room

I saw a mad guy yelled at everything irrelevant
Well that's my dad
Credit card bills make him lost his temper
Nah so I locked myself in my room
to save me from getting burnt by his eruption

Money over everything
You don't agree that
Alright   give me all your money
then Imma prove it to you

For me
Money is the main determinants over everything   almost everything
when you see a really hot chicks tagging with a freaking ugly uncle
don't get mad
check your pocket
when you blame it on life for being unhappy
don't worry
work on your bank balance
when you get discriminated
don't yell
this is how the world label

happy but not so in the monetary term
I just hope I can make her happier
but Mr.Dollar came in and crashed it
he simply killed everything
but I promise one day Imma get him pay back for the shit he did
I chose not to think bout it
at least for this moment

p/s :          Don't   Obstruct  Luyi     Loh      And   Rainie

thanks for the cooperation !

by luyithepaparazzi


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