New era *

I may not be a significant one
I used to cry in the corner
Chasing after the shit that I can't get
Kicking the ball that hardly bounce
Alright I admit I'm a twisted one
You guys would rather call me the EMO kid
Just that
Nobody come to aid this sickness
Let's see
I hate the old geezer who indirectly made me
Teachers discriminate me altho I used to be the best
Those kids addressed me the NERDY
What's the fucking crime for being a bookworm
I don't have TV in my house All I had is the books
Bitch killed herself in front of my very eyes
You guys just don't see how I growing up
No recognition  Isolated and Discriminated
Fuck it 
Those shit just keep coming
Never mind it
I learnt all the madness
I graduated from the fucking game
I know what's good for me
I learnt to cherish people who really need me

Mr.Lye      I think it's time to get some intersection
The talented one   Please let the world hear your music   I will be your no.1 fan
J   quit gaming and strive hard for your life   you are blessed with your intelligence

and for those who skipped me
just keep laughing  keep yelling
you guys are nothing
merely a sore loser
You probably think I'm just another stupid rat
Imma shoot you down scumbag

Time to make a new era for yourself luyi
Can't lose the game to those jerk  (-`,-)


Serene said...

no wrong being a bookworm...
i am one too... =) i just read very different book with you... LOL!
and I'm EMO queen! XD

no worries, this year will be a better year =) *pat pat*

luyi said...

hahas hope so =)