Just Married pt. 1

tons of shoes mean tons of ppl are here
  Today is the biggest day for my 小姨

She just got married


While waiting for the 'pihak berkenaan' to come ~~

Finally they arrived at eleven ~~

The red shirt aunt is the 媒人婆*  I don't like her  *
She is like wanna finish her job quickly and take the money
not sincere at all 

大姨妈 x)

Cousin  - Zhiwei176cm !
he is only standard one kid tho
wth ..

Cousin - Duabui Loong
He is no longer chubby
getting more and more muscular =D

My sista - Erien x Molly =)


Violent Mum x)

Sleepy face

The bridegroom =)




Bridegroom Torturing Session

organised by 姐妹团

what are they trying to attach to the bridegroom ?

ans : Banana   O_O

feeling like banana seller x)

Aww .. He is kissing his banana x)

in the end of the game
The bridegroom's bananas fall off ~

finally the bridegroom get to see his wifey =)

Loupo   我要抱抱 x)


Concentrate and Sweet =)


my cousin - Yiwen 

联谊 Session

Cousin - Diksern
* a very cute kid * x)

Pattern banyak-banyak    xDD

Random shot :


The best things I could ever have in my life =)

Nee  x   Luyi  x   Rainie   x   Molly