Just Married pt. 2

This post is bout my aunt's wedding dinner =)

We were cam-whoring before depart to her wedding dinner  x)

Erien   x   Luyi   x   Molly


We reached there around 7
and it's damn crowded aldy
Ohh ? since when chinese ppl start being so punctual har ?


My sistas and my grandmom =)

Ah suan & Ah kok
( my parents ) xDD

Finally the watak utama muncul =D

Welcome welcome ~

Cute sistas (>u<)

My dad was requested by my relatives to perform a song !
ooO ~~  *applause*

my lengcai lou dao ~     

while my dad was singing on stage
my mum was shaking around down stage *dancer?*

lmao ....

later my mum was requested to sing pulak..
my dad sibek got 表演欲 tonight
so he ganti her as my mum can't really sing
She is good in boozing nia  x)

To be honest
my dad's singing is fantastic
altho he is singing uncle song la
but his voice is so geng huh
Everyone in the hall was amazed by him
All shout like siao lang and big applause for him
I'm falling in love with my dad adi    ♥  x)

p/s : why his talent wasn't inherited by me ?   *annoyed*

and finally is the 敬酒 session   =)

my aunt  x  uncle  x  bridegroom  x  bride  x  grandpa

Okay lar wish you two stay happily ever after
don't fight ha ~    =)

wonder how is my wedding gonna be
really dislike the traditional procedure
will organise it in the forest then
maybe ?

need to prepare alots of SHIELDTOX then ~   x)

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