He said : I am now dating a girl .. She is so AMAZING !
She said : I met a guy , I can't help falling in love with him !
He said : She is so cute and a caring person too ! She never do the sh*t that I don't like .
She said : He is so interesting .. he can always surprise me and lift me up =)
He said : She can cooks tho and take care of everything ! The ideal type for me !
She said : I will never get bored when I am with him .. Imma stick with him forever !
He said : I hope that our relationship can last forever .. I will propose to her whenever I am ready !
She said : I can't wait to be his bride .. I want to build our family together already !

Mr Reality withness that and he was just smiling 

After a few months 

He said : She can no longer make me feel warm .. how come ?
She said : He is not as interesting as I thought .. his life is so boring ..
He said : I thought she is dedicated .. but now she is getting more and more lazy
She said : I am starting to get irritated by his cigarettes ! Can't he just quit smoking ?
He said : She used to do everything for me .. but now I am the one who do EVERYTHING !
She said : Everytime I go to his house .. I can't find myself any activity but lying on his bed .. 
He said : I can't feel the sweetness anymore
She said : I can't feel the sweetness anymore 

Mr Reality said : 

those was just sparks .. and now you both are getting tired of each other
It is too hard for two persons to stay with each other forever
Don't fall for the passion .. it is too volatile 
Things can't be interesting forever 
You have to start moving to another stage 
Stand this love on stability
Never let one person pick up the whole relationship 
Dont't blame
Learn to understand and cherish
When everything starting to get dull and plain
You fed up and no longer care
Maybe you are not that into him
All you ever wanted is excitement and stimulants
and that's when you two diverge
and no longer met each other's end 
Bye bye 


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