Went to Time Square with her today
Heard from my sis that there are some new shops there
But saw nothing there
wrong info ??
or maybe we didn't shop properly  ??

We are feeling like uncle & auntie
cause we really like to investigate those supermarket stuff
We went to Jusco Tesco Parkson and now Sunshine City 
walk around and look at those household stuff
plates . glasses . cutlery . decoration  etc

even meats x)


even vege and fruits =D
*lmao I look retarded*
went to have our lunch or maybe dinner
at Marrybrown
really love the atmosphere there

attempting to kill her boyfriend !?  lmao ~



Met Mr.Robin there =)
He is working and selling those valentine stuff
He claimed that the total five days sales for his booth is
RM50 ++
lmao .. not even enough to cover his wages ..

went to walk walk around the funfair held in time square
An uncle there persuade us to play his dart games
actually that was just some silly games to cheat us
we will never get what we want
All he gave us is just some old and cheap things
but manage to put a quick revenge back on him

The rewards from the dart games
we actually played 8 rounds and exchanged 8 lousy gifts for these !
Stupid !! 
but I can tell you that the uncle is way more stupid !
hiak hiak

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