Silly thing

Came across alots of weird stuff recently
Here are some of them to share

Recycled E Mac case as the clock and the mouse as the pendulum

Recycled keyboard made into a purse
and they sold it for $40
affordable ??

Solar powered backpack
I don't really understand why a backpack need solar power ?

Lockable USB drive
seriously I can't even remember most of my passwords
so .. erbs
Do you need one ? heh !

A transparent lappie
It's real !
and it's going to be released soon
but the price is totally not affordable..

This is the experiment on vegetative patient
When you ask a question
Their brain still can judge and tell you whether it's a YES or NO
like us

Erm .. lmao ~

These T-shirts are specially designed
When B is far away from A
A's T-shirt will show the scanning status
searching for B
and when B is back within the range again
A's T shirt will show that B is detected
Perfect for Couple Tee =)
Get one for your partner as valentine's gift !?


LOL ~ 

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