Reunion Dinner

Dok Dok Qiang ~ !!
It's CNY eve
and time for Reunion Dinner =)
Dok Qiang Dok Qiang ~

As you can see .. totally no car on the street !
Everyone is hiding in their home

My Superstitious Sis was praying hard

"保佑我在虎年风山水起..早生贵子..龙马精神.. 财从天降.. HUAT ah ! "

We were starving while waiting for the reunion dinner to start
thanks to my gao sio mia parents =D


kun ki zzz

While waiting to mum mum
 we had some cam-whore session x)

闪亮二姐妹  *bling*

Their pyjamas .. lols

Luyi  x  Erien

Damn poser Molly  x  Luyi the paparazzi

Still posing =D

My lil sis was helping my mum to set up the steambot stuff
that wasn't any act of filiality
She needs some pics for her moral project bout 'kekeluargaan'
So she asked me to snap those photos

Serious face ~

Not really many ingredients for steambot
but all is my favourite
My family prepared the ingredients according to my flavour
as I'm very picky on food
no vegie no bla bla bla ~ 

Still acting ~

Finally the dinner started ! wooHoO ~ !

Participant 1 : Mum

Participant 2 : Dad

Participants 3 & 4 : Molly   x    Erien

* same DARLIE's expression .. lols *

Still acting beh suak beh suak xDD

This is the first time for us to have steambot as reunion dinner
Love it !
unlike previous years
all the dishes are mostly vegie
yucks !

Kemeriahan =)

After that
Family Boozing Session
WooOYeah !!


Chivas..the gift from my parents' boss
The standard dropped
Used to be Martell or Hennessy
So my mum allowed us to drink
Lmao !

First Timer 

Whole family was boozing and eating kacang while watching TV
Love it ! 


Lastly ,  =)

1986 ~ 2010
and still growing =)
They were the first love for each other
and walked all the tough path together
until now

My role model =)

Family photos

Luyi Mum Dad Erien Molly

My favourite 
Lovely =)

This is the first happy that I feel so excited and happy for CNY
a sign of getting old ?
I admit that I've became a home men
after all the shit that I been through
this home provide me the best shelter
always forgive my mistake
and take care of all the mess that I made

I  love

 my family  =)

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