Valentine's ♥

Although this year's CNY and Valentine's is on the same day
but luckily we still managed to celebrate it together
This is the first time I celebrate valentine's with my love one
so can't skip it right    =)

Homemade Candle Light Dinner 

prepared by Mr. Luyi
dedicated to Miss Rainie 


Organiser : Luyi
Chef : Rainie
Venue : my room x)

the lovebirds   

her speciality
love it  =)

This is the first candle light dinner for us
we were so panic
busy with all the stuffs and cooking
luckily in the end everything goes well =)
and she actually came back from perak
to celebrate the valentine's with me
and then the next morning rush back to perak again
thank you for everything

Rainie with her roses =)

Luckily she loves them =)

The most important girl in my life 

she will kill me for uploading this x)

later on we went for a movie
and then UPR =)
enjoy the whole night with her 


Lastly ,
handmade gift by Mr. Luyi =)

Still remember the story ?
The wolf and the lamb
The day that the wolf became the vegetarian
is the day that he fell in love with the lamb =)


you are the important girl in my life

I wasn't an ideal guy for anyone
but you are always with me
and give me the world
thanks for everything Rainie
I'm working hard to be your best man
and one day
Imma give you everything that you ever wanted
just like the verse 

I'm honestly tryin to give you the world

wrap the globe in a bow
like here you go girl 

I love you =) 

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