Sorry for not updating for so long
I was a lil busy recently =)

My life can be divided into three parts now
Here is the 3 elements of my recent life..


My lovely girl =)

DOTA ! lols....

Celebrated our half year anniversary 
now it's 228 days  already
and the love is still growing =)

L & R 

I was busy working recently
and the rest of the time
I'm with her =)
We always spend our time together 
almost everyday
yet never get tired of each other

a stable relationship for me

Ingolf Kneippe


 I look so stim zzz


♥ ♥ ♥ 

Went back to my hostel last week
for last gathering


Group photo

they made a few videos which recorded every single moment of our hostel life
Many of them cried after the videos
lols except me
I wasn't with them most of the time
I moved out from the hostel 
yet they still care about me as one of their housemate
 They are so heartwarming
Now it's the season of departure again
Everyone is going on their own path
I will miss you guys
take care

Gathered a few friends to work for DIGI a few weeks ago
for this operation named
we went to several station in penang to promote our DIGI insurance plan
here are the pics

Pei Chia

My sister x)



Group photo
Wish that we will have to chance to meet again
Take care =)

the blogger

Luyi the paparazzi

the end 

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