This post is dedicated to Junren
A very best friend of mine

He was the first friend I got in college
We got the surname
It's a really rare surname
So we always say that we were long lost brothers
Still remember the story of Selat Melaka? 

We spent our college life together
I hardly go to class
He always helped me to sign the attendance
informed me when there is anything important
Without his back up
I am most likely to be kicked out from the college
I never lay a finger on my assignment
He did it all for me
He always put me in his group for every assignment or presentation
My part is just to present on the day of presentation
reading the script he prepared for me
I am such a jerk
throwing all the stuff to him
yet he never complaint
He just back me up
so that I can spread my wings
so that I can do whatever I want
 I am really glad to have a friend like you
If want to talk about any real bond that I had made
It's you 

We used to be so gay
I miss the day when we drink together
study together for whole night long
We used to sleep together
having pillow talk
dota for whole night
now that you are going to KL
I'm going to miss you
I'm sorry 
for didn't have a proper farewell with you
I'm not good in those gayish stuff
Everything has to come to an end 
I couldn't ask more
I just hope that you will remember me 
Those days we spent together
will be embedded in my deep heart's core
Do take care bro

Bye bye 

那样  最后剩下的就不会只是