I'm so sick of my audit class
decided to skip it
and spend my day with Miss. R
Went to gurney after her class
after lepak around for 2 hours
the hungriness leads us to this 

The best Mee Goreng of all time
the legendary Mee Sotong
which is located at Esplanade 
btw the apprentice of this mee sotong is taking over the stall
No doubt his Mee Sotong is way better than his master
I just ate it 2 days ago
and then today I went for it again xD
the Mee Sotong totally satisfied us
we went to lepak around again after the meal

just same as usual
people are playing kite there 

and we found this somewhere near the Dewan Sri Pinang
was kinda attracted by its sign
but the interior is a bit..

Here are some photos of us =)

the lovely girl =)

luyi       rainie 

Photos of the day :

Miss R  

L  &  R  

It's the 10th months now . 
Nothing shall take you away from me now . nothing =)

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