Oreo G

Gigantic Oreo

Worked for Oreo Roadshow last weekend
working there was kinda fun
my job was just to take photo
kinda relaxing =) 

Miss Hazel the supervisor

Philip with the customers

the Mascot . another gigantic oreo 

group photo of the crews =)

Went to QB after work as Miss Rainie asked me to
she said that she bought some egg tart for me 
and asked me to take from her
and when I was there
She gave me this
the egg tart in PURPLE color 

so damn touched and nearly cried when I saw this
Big surprise !
The first surprise I ever had 
I wanted this for so long already !!
urging to buy this but I don't have enough cash right now
thanks =)
I love it so much !! 

The lovely girl in yukata