Olympus Workshop

Attended Olympus workshop which is held at Cititel a few days ago
the host is David Chuah . a singaporean photographer 
which I don't really know 
It's FOC as I'm working for Olympus
( actually I haven't really start working for them . just attended couple times of training )
since it is free so ... Why NOT ? hehe

get the chance to play with the Olympus PEN EP-L1
which is with the size of compact camera
and the function of DSLR
except the mirrorless part & Live view

Everyone is discussing observing trying about the Olympus camera system
meanwhile I was just sitting there at the corner 
checking out everyone
dare not to interfere and talk much 
as everyone seems so PRO

After 2 hours lecture
we were given 1 hour to go around the street
and snap some photo for the photo critic session 

I love Upper Penang Road nightview
Wanted to have some photo shooting here for a long time 
I was just too lazy to do so 

Saw this damn wu feel de ah pek
wanted to shoot some portrait for him 
but dare not to do so as he doesn't look that friendly
Saw many people was burning stuff for dunno what reason
the whole street was quite busy at that time 

went back to the hall after that and
had the photo critic session 
At first I was expecting to be the worst among all the participants
but luckily my photo didn't receive many critics
in fact some of them who was with the great great spec and hell biggy DSLR
wasn't as good as I thought


The host- David Chuah & Luyi
He said he loves my photo and asked me to keep up the good work 

The group photo =)
p/s  : the guy in the middle of the back row is a PRO 
even with the Olympus E1 series DSLR 
he shoot great photos
*thumbs up*

a few photos of mine for the night =)



Mist of light

This is the one I chose for the photo critic session
A little camera shake
as the angle is quite hard to take
I was almost lying on the street to take this 
not perfect but I love it =)

by luyithepaparazzi