Merdeka Fair

I was working for Olympus at Gurney last week
The Photo President was having a camera fair there
It was really tiring 
didn't get to sleep more than 5 hours everyday 
What makes it worse is that 
the working environment was so intense
I guess that is normal when it comes to 'individual commission'
and to somebody who is trying to bring me down
don't be upset about the fact that I'm better than you
You picked up the fight first 
not me

random photos was taken during the fair 
enjoy =)



The Canon

Gary was reading the review from dpreview 


The Supervisor with really scary face
She keep scolding me during the fair 

The EP-1

Many co-workers are the die hard fans of  ' Each a Cup '

Using the dpreview to kill Sony Nex-5 and Panasonic GF-1 

Gary the Kelantan boy =D

Luyi and his supervisor 

Luyi & Lye
 entertaining the customer

For those who are interested in buying Sony Nex-5 or Panasonic GF-1
I got a better model to recommend you
the Olympus PEN
Come and find me if you are interested 
I can show you why you should go for Olympus
 instead of SONY and PANASONIC

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