Kuang Yee Digital

My boss sent me to work at Megamall last week
at first I don't even know how to go there

It is like the duplication of Prangin Mall 
that's how my boss describe it =D

Was doing In-House promotion for Kuang Yee Digital
All the staff there are nice
unlike those from Photo President

Just a small outlet
cozy and heartwarming    x)

Found this at the outlet
Kuang Yee hired Miss Jasmine as their model for photoshooting
 many malay customers keep telling me that 
" wah ah moi itu cantik hor ? "

My booth and my cameras
was facing these for the last three days

From tomorrow onwards
I will be selling mooncake for Yen Wo Wang at Gurney
for those who are planning to buy mooncake
feel free to come and "bong chan" me

My boss keep telling me that their mooncakes are High End Mooncake wor

They even have the flavor of Ferrero Rocher wor 

WTF + OMG + LOL !?

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