922 is a big day for me (not 911) =D
It is our anniversary
My first ever one year anniversary =)

The Surprise =)

The two VIP of the day

Went to QE II to celebrate our night  !

The lovely girl <3

The lucky guy =D

Ordered the pizza 
which is named as ' The Godfather '
what a dope name huh lols

Unlike the normal pizza
This pizza stuffing is very special
It is with the 'lala' inside
The taste was as impressive as the name =D

Next time will go again and try 'The Mafia' pizza hehe

See how enjoy she was ? x)


The Grilled Chicken Skewer

'The Classic' Bolognese 

We hardly finished all the dishes
As the food comes with big portion
Went for a movie after the dinner
and we picked this movie hehe

The movie was not as nice as I thought
maybe because I had already know that the granny is the devil 
thanks to junren the spoiler x)

Miss R with her roses =)

Hey girl 
here's some words for you
 Thanks for staying with me for this long
I never had a long term relationship before
I know that I am not really an ideal guy for you
I have my temper 
I am sorry for hurting you sometimes
for not being considerate
I know that I am a hardcore character to deal with
yet you never give up
I am not good with words
Just wanna let you know that 
You are the sweetest girl I could ever had 
I love you , R

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