INTI Prom - Winter Glam 2010'

Accompanied Miss R to her INTI Prom Night few weeks ago
now I only have time to blog about it
sorry for not updating for so long
was a lil busy recently =)

The theme of the night 
Winter Glam 
It was organised in The Park Royale Hotel

the 'ahmad' for the day

Rainie =)

Oops sorry over-excited =D

All the people in the house 

Here comes the members of table no.12 :

Chermaine with Jayme

Isaac with Grace 

Shiyu with Angelina

L & R 


The following are the group photos of ladies ~
( all in black dresses huh ? ) 


The performers

The Emcee for the night 

Ice cream eating competition

Latin dance 
everyone is not paying attention to this lols

After that we were given a big pack of straws
We were asked to build something
As tall as possible and as stable as possible

See . we are not helping =D

Everyone was working on that 

Finally start helping and working on it

Building the base

Why arrange such a section during prom night huh ?
Feel weird tho

Tada Our creation !! 

The dancing session

The Prom Finalist
I don't really know who is the Winner for the night
lmao !
Sorry not paying attention throughout the whole night =D 

The lobby

Lastly before we went back
Had some group photo again =)

Highlight of the night:
The trishaw lady

For the first time she dare to pose like that
Not bad huh 

Looks like an uncle =_=

Rainie was taking our photo
after I noticed that ... 

Isaac thanks for your cooperation 

On the way driving back home =)

Look at her satisfying face
This may be our first prom night ( excluding TARC prom night ) *hiak*
but it's also our last 
Anyway had an enjoyable night tho 

*All photo was taken by Shiying Canon 550D and Rainie*  

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