Aik Tatt & Elvin !

Celebrated Aik Tatt & Elwin's birthday last week
The celebration was held at Coffee Island
It had been a long time since I last hang out with friends
" Too busy " has always been my excuse =D

Our table no. 77
my favourite number of all time

All the people in the house

Aik Tatt & Elwin 
The birthday boys 

Sooyeang & Chengyih

Patrick. Elwin. Aik Tatt

Happy birthday ! =)

Ah Beh was giving Aik Tatt and Elwin their birthday present  


Group photo
taken by the workers
lols totally out of order

Now better 
but me and kee wah was cropped this time.. 

The birthday cake
' Chocolate Banana '

I didn't eat any of this as I dislike cake

Sooyeang. Chengyih. Elwin

Hannah. Beh. Patrick. Aik Tatt. Weng Kit

Aik Tatt with Vivian
Now I know that she is the sister of Miss Oldtown lols
seriously outdated T_T

Vivian with the birthday boys

Group photo again 
Rachel sorry I grabbed your kee wah 
hiak hiak

Then all of the people started to gather for group photos



Patrick. Xujen

Aik Tatt with Hannah and Beh

The corpse =D

Lastly some group photos again =D

Aik Tatt.Xujen.Elwin.Chengyih.Sooyeang 

Rachel and her boy who is trying to show some cuteness x) 

After that we switched to BED 
One of their favourite spot 

The draught beer and us 

Beh and Patrick

Patrick.Sooyeang and Chengyih

Some random shots

It had been a while  
for not touching alcohol
Now a pint of Guiness Draught can make me feel dizzy
老了 不胜酒力了

Alright that's all !

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