Burger King. Tutti Frutti. Lola ! and etc !

Guess what is this ?!
The first and only Burger King in Penang !
(kinda outdated tho)

Quak Quak
Sasiburi neh
still lansi as usual
Was taken by Miss R when I went to Olympus office to take my cheque 

Finally .. The Burger King !

The outlet
Still in the progress of furnishing 

The queue . Was queueing for half an hour to order zzz..

Brought my nikon along as I abandoned her for too long already

Finally got our meals 
She was starving for whole morning already
Once she got the food she quickly took a bite on it


Err .. Not as nice as I thought 
Not much different with McD
Prefer McD anyway =D



Met Kee Wah and Rachel when we were leaving
They also came to try the Burger King
His feedback for Burger King is also a negative one 

Went to lepak around after our lunch
To stimulate digestion 

Delighting you always

Candid shot of her

She attempted to walk down to the seaside
Gave up after she found out that the slope is too steep 

Silly act directed by me lmao 

Back to normal 



She was pretending that she was picking the apple from the tree lols 

Some random shots :

Went to try another new stuff after that
Here comes the
' Tutti Frutti '

The outlet

Our yogurt (ignore the weird outlook)
Chocolate and Original TF flavour
with M&M. marshmallow and strawberry 

Hamster face
I always feel that she looks like hamster
don't you think so ?! x) 

Tutti Frutti

This post revealed the another side of her
She is not gentle and quiet as you thought 
She can be really naughty and hyper sometimes
lols =D

She prefer Tutti Frutti over Burger King 
Me too ! hehe

The blogger 

After the yogurt
suddenly got the urge to spend
so I pulled Miss R to gurney to buy her a present
She was shocked and stunned back then 

After 2 hours non stop shopping
bought her this 
and some others stuff ( forgot what are the items )

Lola by Marc Jacobs 
the fragrance that she always wanted to own =)

A group photo of all the stuff we bought

Lola and its miniature  

 Spent over RM500 in Parkson on that day
so this is the outcome 
 Parkson Elite Card =)

this kind of urge better don't come so often ..

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